The first 1000 days of life can set your child up for a lifetime of good health, or lifetime of health problems.

The first 1000 days of life is a crucial window of opportunity where you, as parents, can have lasting positive impacts on your child’s health and gene expression.

Nutrition and lifestyle are the biggest modifiable factors that you are in control of during this time and they play a central role in developmental programming of your baby. 

Maternal & paternal nutritional status can permanently alter the expression of genes in the developing foetus not only affecting their long term health but also their actual lifespan!

Before and during pregnancy & lactation, parents have the chance to promote their own health and consequently health of their child. It’s a big responsibility and an absolute privilege to create a new life and I want to help ensure it is the best experience it can be creating a new, robust and exceptional little person.

A Healthy pregnancy doesn’t start when you fall pregnant and doesn’t end after childbirth so I think of it as 4 key windows of time in which you can do the best for your health and the health of your child. Within those 4 key areas there are 9 steps which can help to guide you through this life changing time.

Some of you may be at the very beginning of your journey, planning for a time in the near future that you want children.

You may already be trying and perhaps struggling to get pregnant. 

If you are committed to IVF therapy then nutrition and lifestyle management is vital to support the implantation and the healthy growth of the foetus into a full-term pregnancy.

You may have been through all this already and find yourself about to face weaning and are wondering where to start and with what foods. 

Whichever of these stages you may be at, I am passionate about putting parents in control of, what should be a natural and hopefully very enjoyable process! 

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