Nutritional Therapy is the clinical application of the latest cutting edge nutrition science and biochemistry research to address any health issue using food.

As Hypocrites once said... "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." This ancient wisdom has never been more true as we see the consequences of a modern, industrialised, processed western diet in the soaring rates of obesity and chronic disease, and the devastating effects of infertility. These are diseases of the modern world.

When we look to the few remaining traditional hunter-gather societies living and eating much more in harmony with how we evolved, we don’t see the same health issues, fertility problems, or childhood developmental disorders.

The mountains of nutrition research and science now being produced lends scientific credence to what these traditional societies already know, and whilst the science is complicated, the conclusion can be relatively simple - eat real food. Sadly the the big business that food has become, alongside the transformation of our natural environment, have meant we have lost our own nutritional wisdom.

"let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"


Nutritional Therapy uses the functional model developed in Functional Medicine to consider the body as different but highly connected functional areas, allowing scope to understand the biochemistry of symptoms within each function separately, but keeping the emphasis on the holistic view of how each may also be affecting the other. Functional nutritional therapy loves to ask why (why is this symptom presenting itself) and by doing so identifies and addresses the true root causes of your health problems. 

With this in mind, the health of you as parents has direct consequences on the health of your child. To learn more let's talk about nutrition for family planning.

Nutrition for family planning