Born and brought up in the south west, my mother used to be a caterer then re-trained as a nutritional therapist in her 50’s. I was therefore very lucky growing up with beautiful local produce on my doorstep; food that was nutritionally sound but also incredibly tasty, and never understood the belief that “healthy food tastes bad”… my home cooked meals were always delicious - Lucky me! So, fundamentally I have a deep love for food and cooking.

I am a former international athlete for both Scotland and Great Britain. and came into Nutritional Therapy after a major sporting injury, from which I was told I would not recover. Simultaneously my father died of liver cancer and I found myself battling major injury and real emotional trauma. Having a nutritionist for a mother was a god send at this time as I realised how little care I was taking of myself and essentially, how undernourished I had become. 

Hi, I'm Henrietta

18 months later, after some fundamental nutritional changes I competed for Scotland at my 2nd Commonwealth Games and, inspired by the influence good nutrition had made on my recovery, I went on to complete an MSc in Personalised Nutrition with the Centre for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (CNELM) in conjunction with Middlesex University. This robust training plus my experiences gives me a deep understanding of the huge potential good nutrition holds to make life changing differences in both health and performance. 

A further 6 years of clinical experience working with a broad range of health conditions has developed into a passion for combining evidence based nutrition with ancestral health to achieve optimal performance.

I am still very involved with the sport I love and continue to work closely with a number of national and international athletes using an integrated sports nutrition model. However, having now had 2 children I have become acutely aware of the inadequate mainstream advice on nutrition for fertility, pregnancy, breast feeding and weaning and have further specialised in nutrition for fertility and pregnancy.

Having seen the heart-breaking consequences of, and struggles with infertility in friends around me; as well the challenge to stay active, and recover well  after birth, I have become passionate about supporting other women through this life changing time. 

The robustness of my degree allows me to base my recommendations in the latest scientific evidence, supported by my knowledge and experience of human physiology & biochemistry. However, I think my true strength is not my qualifications or experiences but my passion in this area. I am a strong, active woman who is also a strong and active mother. I have a profound respect and love of my body (knowing what I have put it through and how it has served me) and I am passionate about using nutrition to empower other women to take control of their own bodies throughout this process whilst loving, and keeping a sense of, themselves.

so what is Nutritional therapy?