The first 1000 days of life can impact a child’s health for the rest of their lives

Make it the most nourished 1000 days possible with Nutritional therapy -
an integrative approach to health and male / female fertility

I help women gain regular, healthy menstrual cycles, and both men and women achieve a healthy weight, abundant energy and full vitality ready for bringing a robust and healthy baby into the world.

I really care that women recover their optimal health, gut function, immune function, weight and strength post partum, for active strong Mum's and healthy babies.

These first 1000 days play a central role in developmental programming of your baby and both Mum and Dads’ health is of upmost importance. Nutrition and lifestyle are the biggest modifiable factors that you are in control of during this time. 
Both Maternal and Paternal nutritional status can permanently alter the expression of genes as your baby develops, not only affecting their long term health but also their actual lifespan!

I help women gain regular, healthy menstrual cycles, and both men and women achieve a healthy weight, abundant energy and vitality ready for bringing a robust and healthy baby into the world.

Nutrition & Fertility

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I am proud to be an animal based nutritionist, guided by the principles of evidence based nutrition and ancestral wisdom. 

I believe that ethically & sustainably raised animals are the backbone to good health, not only for us as humans but also for regenerating the health of the planet we live on. We are omnivores, but animal based foods give us the most readily available and usable nutrients.

I consider any intervention from an ancestral perspective, trying to understand what environment our genes evolved in then attempting to recreate that as closely as possible.

Animal Based

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I am a BANT registered Nutritionist with 7 years clinical experience, and a former international athlete for both Scotland and Great Britain, with a 20 year Athletic career in elite sport.

Having 2 children of my own, my focus has turned to the issues of male and female fertility, healthy and enjoyable pregnancies, robust babies and strong well recovered Mums. 

I am passionate that couples understand the huge impact of their own health on pregnancy outcomes, putting the power and control back into the hands of the parents to be.

Who is The Nourished Soul? 

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Naomi, Bristol

"Being diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes at 27 weeks pregnant was a stressful experience - I felt like visions of my ideal pregnancy and birth were suddenly stripped away from me. 
Meeting with Henrietta massively restored my confidence and control of the situation; she was able to provide me with scientific grounding for dietary choices, bust some myths to reassure me that I was making good decisions for my baby and gave me the confidence to understand and question my care plan. She has been truly holistic with her approach. I’m so grateful to her for her expertise and reassurance and would definitely recommend her support to anyone in a similar situation."


"Henrietta is fantastic at what she does and her enthusiasm is infectious. Thanks to Henrietta I had a wonderful pregnancy, gave birth to a healthy baby plus I managed to avoid gestational diabetes.
My husband followed Henrietta’s advice after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and managed to reverse his diabetes in 3 months, lose 13kg and transform his health. His GP was gobsmacked. "


Isobel and Husband, IVF, Surrey

Helen B
Gut Issues and Weight loss

“I have seen Henrietta several times and always found her to be an incredibly knowledgeable therapist with a clear passion and talent for her subject. She has been incredibly helpful to me and I would have no hesitation in recommending her as a nutritional therapist"


"Henrietta gave invaluable advice regarding weaning our baby. She’s a fountain of knowledge and a lovely, non judgemental person. Thank you so much for helping our little family. X"